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About Us

Bytes Back Data Recovery was created to fill a need in the technology sector. As you place more and more of your precious information on computers and other electronic media, you take a gamble if your data is not properly backed up. More than 30% of computer users do not backup their data and most users that do backup do not backup often enough. In the event your computer or storage device has problems without a backup, you will need to have your data recovered.

Data recovery has been around for years, but we are the first data recovery lab in Ohio with a retail store front. This allows you to have a face to face interaction with a knowledgeable and friendly technician who will perform your recovery.  If you are not near the east side Cleveland, Dodd camera locations across Cuyahoga county and the Dayton area are able to get your media to us in short order. 

Most data recovery centers are not able to perform all the work themselves, requiring them to send their work to a third party. This adds time, cost, and potential loss or miscommunication about your data. Having all the necessary tools for any data recovery in-house, we are able to save you time and money.

Our logo was inspired by the ancient Celtic symbol called the “triskele”. The three points or arms symbolize life, death, and rebirth. We believe this is an appropriate analogy for the stages of a hard drive and the data it stores. A functioning hard drive has life, but when it has problems it is dead to you. This is where we come in. We are able to give new life to your data by extracting it from the defective drive and deliver it back to you.

At Bytes Back Data Recovery we are fast, competitively priced, and most importantly here to give your device the individual attention it deserves. Whether your data is precious memories of your first child, a thesis for your master’s degree, or client files for the last 10 years, your data is more to us than just another number in the books.

So RELAX. We are here for you.