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Adware is currently one of the most abundant nuisances to the world’s online community. Adware is often bundled in with free software installed by computer users or on in the infamous pop-up windows that we frequently see while surfing the internet.

Malware is by far the largest threat to the world’s online community. Computer viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware are all categorized as types of malware. Malware can control your browser, plague you with pop-up advertisements, monitor your online activity and cause your system to be slow or unstable.

Infections from malware are commonly attributed to the installation of file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Limewire and IMesh or other types of freeware. Some forms of malware are installed from sites that state that your system is infected and you will need to download their removal tool. Some malware can be installed by visiting and infected site. Eradicating malware is ususally more difficult than catching it.

Viruses – A Self-Replicating program that infects a computer system without authorization. It most commonly enters your system through email but can be transmitted by other storage media. The effects of a virus could include serious performance issues or destruction of all the files on your computer.

Worms – Another type of self-replicating program. Worms are designed to propagate themselves through network traffic. They are a corporate IT departments worst nightmare. The range of effects are similar to viruses.

Trojan Horses – A deceptive program that disguises itself as harmless or helpful. It may be found in an email attachment or a useful program on a website. They don’t self-replicate but they can deliver payloads that include viruses, worms or spyware.

Spyware – A program that tracks and reports your computing activity. While they are not designed to damage your computer they can seriously degrade the performance of your computer and redirect your browser to web sites that you never requested.

Rootkits – A program or collection of programs designed to take complete control of your computer systems. These programs are very sophisticated and can be utilized to use your computer to attack other computers , distribute spam or steal user logins and passwords.


An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Most adware and malware can be averted by installing anti-virus software. It is also important to update your computer and anti-virus software frequently online. But keep in mind that an infection can occur no matter which anti-virus software you use but using it exponentially decreases your risk.

If you suspect that malware or adware is on your systems then you need to install an anti-virus product on your system. If you already have one in place then you may need the help of a technician here at Bytes Back Data Recovery. Keep in mind that we will evaluate your computer at no charge to you.
Bytes Back Data Recovery can install an anti-virus package for you for $49.

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